Nigerian Dwarf goats are very sweet and smart animals. The breed is likely derived from the West African Dwarf goats who were imported into the US in the 30's as meals for the carnivorous animals being shipped to zoos.  Luckily those who made it to the US where also put on display at the zoo and their population was allowed to grow and later sold to individuals.  Over the years the breed was crossbred with other goats, but in 1981, the American Goat Society fully recognized the breed as the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat.  The breed was given its own purebred herdbook in 2000, by the American Dairy Goat Association, making it the youngest and newest breed in the US.
Due to their kind nature the Nigerians make great pets as well as dairy goats.  They come in a variety of colors as you can see in our pictures.  Although they naturally have horns, we disbudd our babies at about two weeks of age for the safety of themselves and the herd.
Our does produce as much as a half gallon each day.  The breed's milk is sweet with out the "goat flavor". The milk is ideally suited to make cheese.  With high amounts of the proteins and fat for cheesemaking, we have very high yield.

Our goats are bred in the fall for spring kidding. The does then milk until the fall and are given the winter off to relax.


Occasionally we have does that are retiring and they make wonderful pets.They live to be 15 they still have many good years ahead of them to clear brush or just be good companions.All of our retiring girls found wonderful homes last fall but we will post if more become available.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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