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we are sorry no cheese being made at this point 2023.

Our Cheeses

Our hand crafted cheeses are made with our very own Nigerian Dwarf goat's milk as well as locally sources cows milk from family farms.

The selection will change with the seasons. Below are a few of our cheeses.


Our valencay is a vegetable ash cloaked goats cheese. It is coated with a beautiful white bloom on the surface which allows the the cheese to remain smooth and creamy with a chalky interior. When ripe, it can be oozy just under the edible rind.  The flavor can range from mild and tangy to mushrooms when aged.

Roxbury Garnet & Transylvania Rd.


Our Two hard goat cheese balls are combined with garlic and salt, then rolled in pepper (Roxbury Garnet has paprika added as well). You can grate them to add amazing flavor to pasta, risotto, eggs, vegetables or grilled meats.



A traditional cheese of the Mediterranean, made fresh from our own pasteurized goat's milk. Our Feta is made by very gently hand ladling the goat’s milk curd into molds for proper drainage allowing for the fullest flavor development.

It’s fresh, less salty and not aged in brine. Crumbles easily, yet creamy on the tongue. Great in all types of recipes.

Made locally at Stone Silo Farm in Woodbury, CT.


Made at Stone Silo Farm in style of a French cheese. Seasonally made with our fresh goat's milk or local cow’s milk. It is a small round, cheese. The texture of the young cheese varies from firm to very runny and it has a mild, slightly salty flavor. When ripe, it is irresistible with a buttery taste a sit becomes softer. It typically has a white rind with a soft, creamy interior. It has an intensely rustic, nutty, fruity flavor. It makes a nice addition to any cheese plate. 


Cabecou is a goat cheese that’s aged for 2-3 days, then placed in a marinade of savory herbs and a mixture of canola oil and extra virgin olive oil before a rind develops.  The “aging” process continues in the jar as the cheese absorbs the flavors of the savory herbs and oil. It is really the herbs that characterize the flavor of the Cabecou. The cheese is mild yet creamy and tart, infused with herbs and bay leaf flavors. Salty and sharp, Cabecou brings to mind olives and garlic.  Made locally and fresh at Stone Silo Farm.



With its pristine white color and distinct flavor is one of the most amazing foods in the world — a humble basic for some, a gourmet delight for others. If you think you don’t like goat cheese, try again, the taste of this locally made cheese is like no other you have tried.  Enjoy it plain, with fig jam, fruit, balsamic

vinegar or on crostini, pizza salad and pasta. 



2019 New England Regional Cheese Competition at The Big E !

Where To Find Our Cheese

Maple Bank Farm

Roxbury, CT

The Smithy

New Preston, CT 

Good News Cafe

Woodbury, CT

The Village Farm

Gaylordsville, CT

Stone Silo Farm shop:

68 Good Hill Rd Woodbury, CT

Shop now online! 

Pickup Friday or Saturday from 1pm- 5pm at the bottom of our driveway 




New Milford Farmers Market

New Milford, CT

Saturdays 9am - 12pm

May - October


Washington Depot Farmers Market

Saturdays 10 am -1 pm

More Locations coming soon, check back to see where else to find us!

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